A New Vision.

NuVision. Our name actually tells you a lot about us. Because from the start, our vision was to be different…better…new. For us, this means finding ways to deliver high-end electronics at irresistible price points – a rare fusion of exceptional quality and breakthrough affordability. To this end, we have assembled a remarkable team of in-house professionals and have built strong partnerships with respected manufacturers.


US Based in Chino, California.

While NuVision is headquartered in the US, our Research & Development team and sourcing offices are located in Asia. Moreover, we have solid ties with manufacturing partners in China and Mexico. These alliances play a major role in helping us deliver products of the highest quality while keeping our prices affordable.


Behind Every Successful Brand, You'll Find Talented People.

While great resources and talented partners are essential, they are of little value without a top management team to lead them. Our in-house team has the combined experience of over 100 years in consumer electronics.

Recycle your Television

We strongly recommend recycling of old, discarded or non-functioning televisions and electronics.  

Click HERE for more information on convenient resources using the Recycle4earth program.