I forgot my Password how can I gain access to my tablet/ notebook?

Refer the instructions provided by Microsoft on how to reset your password: see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-live/account-reset-password-forgot-faq If this does not work, then you would need to reset the tablet.

I recently purchased this tablet and would like to have the latest Windows update what would be best way to get my tablet updated?

To get the update faster it would be best to download the update directly from Microsoft. Here is the link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10It will download the Microsoft Update Assistant tool where it will help keep your drivers and download the latest update.

How do you reset the Windows Tablet without access?

Turn on the tablet, Once you get to the Login page press and hold. the “Shift” key and scroll down using the mouse (non touch screen) or touch the lower right side using the other hand and scroll down to “RESTART” and continue to hold the shift key while the tablet restarts. It will go to the troubleshooting page and select the reset the PC. It will give you 2 choices and select the one you want.

Please note: This method is only for 2 in 1 PC tablets. If you have just the windows tablet you would need to connect an USB OTG cable to the tablet so you can connect a USB keyboard to proceed with the reset.

How do you reset the Windows Tablet with access?

Click the start  menu and select setting

Click Update & security.

Select Recovery from the left column,

Select Reset PC

Select the reset option of your choosing.

How do you access the Bios on my tablet without full access?

You would need to power on the tablet and press F7 key repeatedly till you get into the BIOS

For our SOLO tablets, you would need to use the OTG cable, and USB hub and connect a USB keyboard and a flash drive  and power on the tablet and press the F7 key repeatedly till you get into the Bios.

For units with the Celeron chip power on the tablet and press the ESC key to get access to the BIOS.

How do you access the Bios on my tablet with full access?

  1. Click the start  menu and select setting

  2. Click Update & security.

  3. Click Update and recovery.

  4. Select Recovery from the left column, then click Restart now under advance start up

  5. Once the boot menu appears, select Troubleshoot.

  6. In the Troubleshoot menu, select Advanced options.

  7. In the Advanced options menu, click UEFI Firmware Settings.

  8. Click Restart.The system will restart and enter UEFI (BIOS).

I lost all my tablet drivers! How do I re-install them?

You can download drivers from our download center from our website. You would need to find your model number and click on Driver and then save them to either a SD card or Flash Drive. Once its complete you would need to go to the device manager of the tablet. Insert the SD card or flash drive to the tablet. You can either try to scan for new hard ware under (ACTIONS) or click on the driver you need and select it. The tablet will ask you to either search the web or Browse your tablet. If you downloaded the driver to an SD card or flash drive select BROWSE MY COMPUTER FOR DRIVER SOFTWARE and search within the tablet. It will ask you to browse and direct the file to where you downloaded the driver too.

My tablet is running slow.

If it’s a new tablet, most likely your Windows tablet is running all the current Windows update in the background. It would be best to allow all the updates to be completed prior full use of the tablet. It can take several minutes to a couple of hours depending on how many updates need to be completed. You can still use your tablet but it will run slower than normal until the Windows update is complete.

My device is showing less storage than what is claimed, why is that?

The reason the device shows less memory than is claimed, is because the actual Operating System takes up some space on the tablet. The memory that is shown as ‘available’ is the remainder memory after the initial installation of the Operating System and default apps. We try to minimize the space taken by the OS, by using fewer preloaded apps. Our objective was to make your experience as smooth as possible.

I'm out of hard drive space, help!

You would need to perform a Disk Clean up. You can go to File Manager, click on C drive go to properties and select Disk Clean up. It will show you all the files loaded on the tablet in which you can choose to remove which files you don’t need. There are times you would need to clean up the system files as well to provide you additional space.

My tablet will not respond. What can I do?

Try pressing and holding the power button until the tablet turns off. Give it about 10 to 30 seconds and try powering it back on to see if it works.

My tablet does not turn on. What can I do to get it to turn on?

Try plugging in your tablet to the charger and wait for at least 15 minutes to acknowledge that the unit is charging. It could be that the tablet is completely dead to where both the screen and unit and it needs some charge to be acknowledged.

How do you connect a printer to my Windows 10 tablet?

To connect a printer on a network, go to Start, then select Settings > Devices > Add a printer or scanner. Choose the one you want and select Add device. If your printer connects to your PC by a cable, just plug in the cable. Your printer will connect automatically, and your PC will download the right drivers. You can use it right away.