Our Ontario, California Headquarters

Our Ontario, California Headquarters

About NuVision

NuVision is a dynamically innovative consumer electronics company that continually creates products to enhance the lifestyle of today’s socially interactive consumer. Through our breadth of experience in design, production, and distribution of exciting products to the mass market – we look to a brilliant future of adding new and innovative mobile computing, smart home and additional feature-rich devices that consistently improve our consumers' lives.

Our Mission

Our overarching goal is to provide the most technically advanced, quality based consumer products that help enrich the lifestyle of customers to make life more rewarding, enriching and fun.


Our Customer

Our customer base is the reason for our continued success. The customers product needs and support continually drive us to create the best products available in the market.

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Our Team

Though the effective collaboration of the entire NuVision team, we have over three decades of product development, creation and merchandising expertise. Our passion for the continued creation and introduction of exciting new items keeps us on the leading edge of the marketplace.

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Our Vision for the Future

Our plan and strategy for the future is based in the name of our company – NuVision. Every day we and look to the future as we plan, create and innovate new hope, aspiration and value into every product we launch. Our NuVision is to continually enrich and support the ongoing consumer experience. Built into each product is the knowledge, expertise, trust and commitment that continues a lifelong developing relationship with our deeply valued customer base.