Nuvision Digital Pen

Nuvision Digital Pen



• Digital Pen works using Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP)
• Microsoft INK Certified
• Pen Type Active-Capacitance
• 2048 Levels of Pressure for high-fidelity writing, drawing or painting.
• Pen Tip Min. Pressure ≤ 0.2 N
• Pen Tip Max. Pressure ≥ 3.0 N
• Hovering Height ≥ 5.0mm
• Contact Accuracy ≤±0.5mm (center)
• Erase & "Right Click" buttons built-in
• Tune your tactile experience with Soft and Hard interchangeable tips (2 of Each)
• Material Aluminum Alloy + ABS
• Weight 0.05 lbs.
• Size 5.75” x 0.51” x 0.38”
• Tip Size r=0.6mm, R=2.0

A Digital Pen Worthy of Your Tablet
Take your tablet to the next level with the Nuvision TPEN-H1 Digital Pen. It’s the perfect solution for use with Ink-certified tablets that use MPP (Microsoft Pen Protocol). So whether you’re a student, professional, artist, or calligrapher, and your draw-compatible tablet did not come with a digital pen. Includes a 4AAAA battery, 2 hard tips, and 2 soft tips. 

Write and Draw, Calligraphy and Art
Nuvision’s digital pen feels as natural as putting pen to paper. Image Block Technology ignores the pressure from your hand when it senses you’re using the pen so rest your hand on the screen while you write without making an unintentional mark! There are 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity for the precision and control you require.

Microsoft Ink Certified
It’s easy to write, draw, and mark-up your documents digitally. Take notes to quickly capture your thoughts, and instantly convert to text for sharing and searching. Or draw beautifully artistic paintings using the latest technology in your digital pen. The Nuvision H1 is Ink certified having gone through rigorous testing, to assure you of the best possible drawing experience.

One Click to Erase or Right-Click
One-click of the Nuvision Digital Pen launches it. Then turn your thoughts into creative actions. With one click of the 2-button pen you can quickly erase or right-click!

Choose Your Tip Style
Express yourself by choosing a pen tip that fits your style. This eliminates the need for multiple pens. Thin lines are effortless created with the hard tip that is similar to a #2 pencil. To create silky smooth, thicker lines and letters, swap out and install a soft tip. 

Supports Following Nuvision Products:

• TM101W610L
• TM101W635L
• TM101W638L
• TM116W715L
• TM133WH710CE 

Also Supports Non-Nuvision items:

• Microsoft Surface pro 3 and Above
• HP Spectre x360
• HP Pavillon X360
• HP Envy x360
• Asus Transformer Book and Pro
• Asus Vivobook Flip

To check for compatibility for your exact model unit, you would need to check the device manager on your Windows 10 laptop under Human Interlace Device and look for HID Compliant Pen. If you have this driver on your laptop our digital pen should work with your Windows Laptop or tablet. 

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